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The Rossetti Archive is a digital archive project aiming to honor the legacy of one of the most influential artists of the Victorian era, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
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The Rossetti Archive features a curated selection of Rossetti's poetry and artwork, ranging from his early sketches to his mature paintings and designs. The site is designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, with a clean and elegant interface that allows visitors to explore Rossetti's creations in depth.

This was a personal project for me, after buying an old book of Rosetti's poetry I was disappointed to find that there was nowhere on the internet which had even a few of his poems or artworks. Rosetti was famed for "Double Works" where he would write a sonnet to accompany many of his paintings. By preserving and presenting his work in a modern and accessible format, the archive ensures that Rossetti's legacy will continue to inspire and fascinate future generations.

Due to the volume of content, I need to personally sort and categorise the site is not yet live but hopefully, I will have its content complete soon enough.