Coeus is a minimal design for a holding page built around a clifford attractor based generative particle animation.


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I've been big into generative art for a while now and having filled repositories with little experiments, I had an idea of how to incorporate one into a website. Clifford Attractors are a type of strange attractor that is generated by a set of non-linear equations known as the Clifford equations. Strange attractors are complex, non-repeating patterns that arise in dynamic systems and are a hallmark of chaos theory.

When visualised they make for a very beautiful moving particle system that's light to compute and interesting to watch. This makes them a perfect match to be incorporated into a landing/holding page as it's a) cheaper to provide than an image, and b) Takes up a good proportion of space that would otherwise be difficult to fill.

This allowed me to couple a simple well-spaced design with a similarly simple Clifford attractor to create an elegant and intriguing site.